Lawnmower Lager

Batch Size goal: 30.00 gal

  • 55 lbs Pale Malt (6 Row)
  • 3 lbs Acid Malt
  • American Lager (Wyeast Labs #2035)
  • 3 ounce Magnum Hops

Mash In:
Due to a mash tun malfunction, we didn’t begin until 11:00
Strike temp of 175F with 18 gallons of water
Completed adding grain by 11:15 with a mash temp 148 F
Mashed for 90 min. Temperature held well considering the outside temperature.

Due to the limited amount of space in our Lautertun we topped off the
cooler with maybe 10 gallons of 200 F water. I forgot to write that
exact measurement down.
This brought us close to a Mash Out temp of about 168
The vorlauf (re-circulation) started at 13:00 once we got the
lautertun into position with the remaining 22 gallons of sparge water.
Re-circulation continued for about 15 minutes. It was still pretty
chunky but the wort was relatively clear so we pressed on.
The kettle was fired up after we collected about 10 gallons of wort

We sparged until 32 gallons were collected which was about the time
the wort started boiling at 2:30
Hops were added at 03:00 and we continued boiling for an hour
We put in the Irish moss and chiller at about 15 minutes before the
boil was completed

Post Boil Gravity: 1.063

We ended up with somewhere around 27 gallons. There are no
measurements on the fermentor so we’ll have to find out the exact
batch size later.
Wort was about 150 F when yeast was pitched at around 17:00
As of 23:00 17-Jan-2016 signs of fermentation are showing.
Temperature of the wort is holding at about 158F which seems fine for
this yeast.

Brewers– Kyle L, Dickie S, Charles U, Tom V, Kevin P, Ollie L, Rob S, Dan S, James M, Dan E, Mark D, Alan B

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