Dark English (Mild?) Ale

posted for Andy by Tom

Charles’ Brew Day Pics are Here

Original recipe was for 5 gals (collect 5.9 preboil) and I upped it x5 but will plan for 20g batch.

Calculated Stats-
OG = 1.055
FG = 1.019
IBU = 19  ABV = 4.8%

Grain Bill-
33lb UK pale ale malt
24 oz crystal (60L)
24 oz crystal (120L)
1.2 lb UK black malt
16 oz UK pale choc malt
8 oz German choc malt (this was my addition to the recipe. thoughts?)

5 oz UK East Kent Goldings hops (60 min)

English Ale yeast

Brew Schedule-
strike temp = 176 F (I assumed 10F equipment loss??? sound reasonable??)
mash in @ 154F (11.25 gal mash volume)- 60 min
step 1 @ 40 min to 159F
Step 2 @ 20 min to 164F
mash out @ 168F @ 0 min – 10 minute duration (mash water additions should total ~4 gals boiling water)
Sparge w/170F (~9 gal – this seems like a lot but it’s what the math is telling me)
Collect 23+ gals
Boil 60 min (add hops)
15 min (add irish moss)
Chill to 67F.

Brew Day Comments:

A little low on temps – 153, 158, 160, and 165.  OG 1.056 so great! Had to add a lot more sparge water. Like 15 g total.  Also boiled an extra 15 minutes (so total of 75 min). Put into new Speidel 31.7g fermenter. Noted that yeast was very clumpy (unusual) during the starters.

1 thought on “Dark English (Mild?) Ale

  1. Feb 18- Last night and tonight I’ve enjoyed this beer at cellar temperature. Nice creamy head that lingers, Malty, dry finish, a little smokey, very drinkable. I’m really liking this beer. It’s right up my alley.

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