Dark English (Mild?) Ale

posted for Andy by Tom

Charles’ Brew Day Pics are Here

Original recipe was for 5 gals (collect 5.9 preboil) and I upped it x5 but will plan for 20g batch.

Calculated Stats-
OG = 1.055
FG = 1.019
IBU = 19  ABV = 4.8%

Grain Bill-
33lb UK pale ale malt
24 oz crystal (60L)
24 oz crystal (120L)
1.2 lb UK black malt
16 oz UK pale choc malt
8 oz German choc malt (this was my addition to the recipe. thoughts?)

5 oz UK East Kent Goldings hops (60 min)

English Ale yeast

Brew Schedule-
strike temp = 176 F (I assumed 10F equipment loss??? sound reasonable??)
mash in @ 154F (11.25 gal mash volume)- 60 min
step 1 @ 40 min to 159F
Step 2 @ 20 min to 164F
mash out @ 168F @ 0 min – 10 minute duration (mash water additions should total ~4 gals boiling water)
Sparge w/170F (~9 gal – this seems like a lot but it’s what the math is telling me)
Collect 23+ gals
Boil 60 min (add hops)
15 min (add irish moss)
Chill to 67F.

Brew Day Comments:

A little low on temps – 153, 158, 160, and 165.  OG 1.056 so great! Had to add a lot more sparge water. Like 15 g total.  Also boiled an extra 15 minutes (so total of 75 min). Put into new Speidel 31.7g fermenter. Noted that yeast was very clumpy (unusual) during the starters.


One thought on “Dark English (Mild?) Ale

  1. Feb 18- Last night and tonight I’ve enjoyed this beer at cellar temperature. Nice creamy head that lingers, Malty, dry finish, a little smokey, very drinkable. I’m really liking this beer. It’s right up my alley.

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