Municher Lager

Charles’ Brew Day Pics are Here

The plan is a simple, German lager. I wanted to do a Vienna style but couldn’t get the Vienna malt on short notice. I procured a sack of German Munich malt, so I suppose we can call this a Municher.

20 gallons

Grain Bill-

  • 23# Munich malt 6-9L DE
  • 7# Pale malt 2-3L DE
  • 5# Vienna malt 3-6L DE

Hop Bill-

  • 6 ounces Hallertau DE 60′


  • Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager

Calculated Stats-

  • OG = 1.049
  • FG = 1.012
  • IBU = 19
  • 5% ABV

Brew Schedule-

  • Mash In w/ 11 gallons at 148 F 60′
  • Raise Temp to 156 F 30′ w/ 7 gallons of bump water
  • Raise Temp to 160 F 30′ w/ bump water
  • Mash out 168 F 10′ w/ any remaining bump water
  • Sparge w/ 10 gallons
  • Collect 22.5 gallons
  • 60′ Boil w/ Hallertau hops

Brew Day-

Brewers- Andy, Rob, Charles, Tom

  • 10:00 AM Mash In at 148F
  • 11:00 AM Bump to 157F
  • 11:30 AM Bump to 160F
  • Noon-Temp 159F Begin recirc
  • 12:15 PM- Vorlauf & begin sparge
  • 12:45- Stuck mash! WTF? Cut the grain bed and pulled another 3 g of cloudy, grainy wort to hit the 23 g for kettle.
  • 1:15- Boil
  • 1:20:- Add hops
  • 2:05- Add Irish moss and cooling coil
  • 2:20- Begin cold break
  • 4:00- In fermenter and cleaning up

A pretty easy brew day. The mash stuck during lauter and ended up light in the fermenter by a gallon or so. With the yeast addition we are just short of 20 g,

Original Gravity = 1.054

A little high but appropriate with the lack of volume.

Sample tested great and assuming a good fermentation, this should be a decent lager.


December 29, 2015- Gravity = 1.010, ABV = 5.78%

I racked the beer from primary into secondary a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed with the sample. It had a strong off flavor. I didn’t record the gravity. Tonight I racked from secondary into 4 kegs and will lager for another 6 weeks minimum. Temps in the basement bathroom have averaged in the low 50’s. It was warm in early December and the temps got to 60, but they stayed pretty low and for the last few weeks it’s stayed below 40. I’ll put them in the fridge for lagering.

Sample was improved from a couple of weeks ago. Color is really good. Flavor is good, but a little odd still with a slight off flavor. I’m hoping the lager continues to improve it.

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