How about some Oatmeal Stout

A few months ago I bought a used 5 gallon whiskey barrel and have been wanting to brew something I like to age in it for a bit. Was thinking a basic stout but decided on an oatmeal stout. 5 gallons will age in the barrel, 5 gallons will keg, the remaining will be bottled. I have never been in charge of a stout brew day so here we go…

Oatmeal1 - 1

Brew Day November 15, 2015

Skeleton crew for this one. Charles and Rob. Andy and Alan showed up near the end. The extra hands were much appreciated.

Brew Day Photos

22 Gallons

Grain Bill

  • 38 lbs. Maris Otter
  • 5 lbs. Flaked Oats
  • 2.5 lbs. Crystal 80
  • 1.8 lbs. Carafa III
  • 12 oz. Chocolate
  • 12 oz. Pale Chocolate
  • 5 oz. Black Patent

Hop Bill

  • 6 oz. Fuggle leaf 5.1% – 60 mins.
  • 2 oz. East Kent Golding pellet 7.2% – 60 mins.


  • Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale
  • A mildly malty and slightly fruity fermentation profile. It is less tart and dry than Wyeast 1098 British Ale. With good flocculation characteristics, this yeast clears well without filtration. Low fermentation temperatures will produce a clean finish with a very low ester profile. Temperature Range: 64-75F.


  • STL County tap treated with Camden

Brew Schedule

  • Single Infusion – 60 mins. at 156˚

Calculated Stats

  • OG – 1.062
  • FG – 1.018
  • IBU – 35
  • SRM – 32
  • ABV – 5.7%

The devil is in the details…

Started yeast Thursday night. First time using the stir plate. Split to two flasks on Friday night and again to four flasks Saturday night. Yeast looked very happy.

Oatmeal2 - 1

Mash in – 10:30 am. 14 gallons water at 170˚. Water in tun = 166˚. While mashing in, brought rest of water back up to just over 170˚. Added to mash for total of 16.5 gallon mash water. Mash temp reading dead on at 156˚. Held 156˚ for entire 60 minutes.

Mash out – 6.4 gallons at 206˚. Mash temp = 168˚ with a few spots reading 170˚. Held 10 minutes. Very happy.

Vorlauf – Started at 11:45.

Runoff – Started at 11:55.

Sparge – 10+ gallons at 168˚

Flame on at 22 gallons (12:50 pm). Collected 25 gallons of wort.  Pre boil gravity = 1.057 (Refractometer).

Boil – 1:25 pm. Dropped hops. 60 minute boil.

Post boil volume = 23.5 gallons. Post boil gravity = 1.067 (Refractometer).

Chill. Immersion chiller got us down to 100˚ (I think). Therminator got us down to 68˚.

Transfer. Was going great until the screen clogged worse than we have ever seen. I think it was a combination of pellet hops, lots of small ground up leaf hop bits, and some small bits of grains that made it all the way through to the boil pot. When I first started milling, the mill was set to too fine of a crush. Adjusted it but the damage was already done. What a major pain in the ass. Just ask Rob.

Also. I have noticed with the last few brews that the grain bed has been very uneven on the surface. Bothers me for some reason.

Transferred approx. 21 gallons of wort to fermenter. Pitched 4 flasks of yeast with much of the liquid decanted. Very easy to get all of the yeast out of these flasks. So much better than growlers.

OG = 1.062 (hydrometer)

Oatmeal3 - 1

All in all a wonderful brew day. If this one sucks I will be PISSED.


Monday morning – no bubbles.

Monday night – steady bubbles but nothing crazy. Temp = 68˚

Tuesday night – slowed a bit already. Temp = 66˚ – 67˚

Smells good.


So 4 days in it appears fermentation had ended. Planned to rack to secondary on Saturday but fermentation had resumed so I let it ride.

Friday November 27.  After 13 days it looks as if fermentation has stopped. Racked 15.5 gallons to 2nd fermentation tank and 5 gallons to used whiskey barrel from Balcones Distillery. This should be interesting.



December 5, 2015

5 gallons of the regular to keg. Contemplating using the 2.5 gallon keg also. Will bottle the rest.

Tested the Barrel Oatmeal Stout (BOS) again last night. Not sure what it is supposed to taste like. Can definitely taste the whiskey. Since I am brewing at Tom’s tomorrow and out of town until next Friday, I should bottle the BOS today also. I think another week in the barrel will be too much.

Final Gravity = 1.016 (predicted 1.018).

This will put this stout at about 6% ABV. I can live with that.





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