Dickie’s Pilsner Ale II

– Huck posting for Dickie

Dickie’s Pilsner Ale II

After turning the first Pilsner Ale sour, I decided to brew this beer again. I came to the realization that I did not have a baseline understanding of brewing this style of beer, therefore no way to reverse engineering what went wrong with the previously soured beer.  So this time I went back to standard boil times and hopping methods. I am also using the same grain, yeast and hops. Although, if it were truly a wild yeast that took over, there would not be much to investigate.

I had company over until 9:00 pm so I got a late start on this beer.

July 27, 2015


  • Dickie

Pilsner Ale – 5 Gallon

Grain Bill:

  • 9.5 lbs Pilsner malt

Hop Bill:

    • 3oz Czech Saaz – 60 mins.
    • 1oz Czech Saaz – 15 mins
    • 1oz Czech Saaz – 10 mins


  • Safeale-05

Mash Schedule:

  • Strike Volume – 6.25 Gallons
  • Strike Temp – 160°
  • 9:40 PM – Mash in, hold temp 148° – 152° for 60 mins.
  • 10:50 PM – Mash finished


  • 11:15 PM boil begins – 60 minute boil, 3oz Saaz
  • 12:00 AM – added 1oz Saaz
  • 12:05 AM – added 1oz Saaz
  • 12:20 AM – boil finished

Wort & Yeast

  • Collected right at 5 gallons of wort in the fermenter.
  • OG 1.050
  • 1:00 AM – pitched yeast.


  • The initial indicators are that this is going to be much better than my first attempt.
  • The OG came in just under my target.August 1, 2015
  • Racked beer to secondary and took another sample/gravity reading. Again, indicators are good.
  • FG 1.006 for a calculated ABV of 5.78%


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