Weizen 2015

We’ll brew 30g of Weizen as we did last year with some minor modifications to accommodate our current situation.

Charles’ Brew Day Pics are here.

Grain Bill

  • 25# German Pilsner malt (from Dickie)
  • 25# Wheat malt (15# US wheat, 10# German wheat)
  • 2# 60L crystal
  • 2# Carapils
  • 3# rice hulls (never used before but should improve the lauter)

Hop Bill

  • Hallertau Tradition- 6oz for 60’
  • AAU unknown but gotta be around 5%. Charles supplied hops from his secret connections to the Busch family hop farm in Munich

Yeast- WL300 Weizen Ale. Dickie procured the yeast and handled all the propagation

Water- 40g StL County tap, treated w/ 2 crushed Camden tablets and a splash of phosphoric acid. In hindsight, we should have had a few more gallons of water; gravity was on high side and volume on the low side.

Planned Mash Schedule-

  • Strike temp 138F
  • Mash temp 122F-128F 30’
  • Decoct 1- 10g+ 158F 20’
  • Decoct 1- boil 30’
  • Recombine- 145F- 153F 20’
  • Decoct 2- 7g+ boil 15’
  • Recombine 158F-162F 60’
  • Mash out 170F 10’

Calculated OG = 1.050

Brew day, Sunday, June 14-

Brewers- Charles, Dickie, Rob, Alan, with Jimmy G, Dan Y, Andy D, Gary K, and Cody.

A wet, stormy day for brewing the Weizen, much like last year. We decided to mash in the basement to stay out of the rain us much as possible. Everybody and everything was pretty soaked by the end of the day. We were exhausted, but it appears to have been a successful day.

  • Strike temp = 138F
  • 10:30 AM- Mash temp = 127F
  • 11:30- Decoct 1 = 158F
  • Boil Decoct 1
  • 12:30- Recombine = 154F
  • Decoct 2
  • 1:30- Recombine =164F
  • 2:45- Vorlauf
  • 3:00- Runoff
  • 3:50- collect 32.5g (a little short)
  • 4:36- Boil & hop
  • 7:30- End of day

OG = 1.062


Monday, June 15- No activity in fermenter this morning. A wee bit scary, but 24 hours after pitching yeast, we have a vigorous fermentation.

Thursday, June 25- Racked the Weizen to secondary. Gravity = 1.012; ABV = 6.6%. Another strong beer. Filled two 5 gallon carboys and a 7 gallon carboy with Weizen. Put 12 pounds of thawing tart cherries in the bottom of Charles’ 15 g fermenter and covered them with roughly 12 gallons of Weizen. Earlier this month Grand Pop picked the cherries at the farm. I stoned them and heat pasteurized them at about 170F for 5-10 minutes. Then they went into the freezer.

The sample was not like past Weizens, which surprised me. All our Weizens taste the same. Despite changes in the past (4 different Wyeast strains, red and white wheat, German and US wheat), nothing really changed the character of this beer. I guess the White Labs strain of Weizen yeast is different. That and the hop change were the two biggest differences over last year. The flavor is good, and my initial reaction was we brewed something very special. The smell of the beer was yeasty, like the smell of raw, wet dough after it has risen. There was the typical banana of the German wheat yeast but it was sugary, as if the raw dough were banana bread. The flavor had sweet characteristics, sugary, Christmas cookie flavors that I attributed to the hops. Maybe the spice of the hops lent to the Christmas cookie I was getting. I’m not sure but I think the combination of yeast and hops this year made for a unique Weizen. It was a little strong after finishing the sample, but I think it will mellow into a wonderful beer. I also think that sweet banana bread/sugar cookie flavor will do well on the tart cherries.

July 18, 2015

Kegged 10g of the Weizen. Gravity is the same at 10.012. Sample continues to be good, a little different than last year, sweeter and candy like but definitely Weizen.

I racked the Kirche Weizen to tertiary. It will need it. Floaty bits. At this point the sample is better than last year. Fruity, cherry, sweet.

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