Lonely Scotch Ale

This appears to be the first beer I ever brewed on my own, and likely started the idea of “Just get the grains wet.”

October 19, 1996

Grain Bill-

  • 12 pounds 2 row pale ale malt
  • 8 ounces peated malt
  • 4 ounces 120L crystal malt
  • 2 ounces roasted barley

Hops- 8 AAU’s Fuggles

Yeast- London ale yeast

Mash Notes-

  • 12 quarts of liquor
  • protein rest at 134F (shooting for less) for 15 minutes
  • 1 hour 45 min saccrification at 150F
  • Shut off at 168F

Sparge Notes-

5 gallons sparge water at 168F. Major sparge problems. Stuck mash. Hot tubes go loose with hot water everywhere. Much frustration. Ready to never make beer again. Mike is glad it happened; says I was due for an epic brewing adventure. I had to stir the bed of grains which made for a wort that looked like miso soup.

Brew Notes-

Boil down to 5 gallons. Hop for one hour.

Starting Gravity = 1.060

Many of the grains fell to the bottom the next day. Racked and pitched yeast. Only about 4 gallons left. Good brown color.

December 15, 1996

Racked, Gravity = 1.012. Odd flavor, unpleasant finish, bitter(?). Bottled w/ malt extract with new capper.

December 21, 1997

The scotch ale is officially a two-penny. It’s not bad, drinkable, too much banana flavor. I must get the beer off the dead yeast sooner. Also, no head. I think I will add more malt extract to the bottling bucket. Nice kick but no body.

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