Udingbräu Altbier 2014

August 2, 2014

With the 2nd annual All Grain Underground Oktoberfest fast approaching, I decided to crank out the Altbier which will give us 6 beers for the fest. Being that I thought I would be brewing alone, I decided on a 10 gallon batch. I have been reading a few articles about Batch Sparging and watched a video about the method by John Palmer. Seemed like it was worth a shot. The recipe deviates a bit from last years. What I started with seemed like more of a typical Alt recipe. One big problem. I left the brew store with half the Pilsner malt I should have bought but was lucky I had a little in stock from a previous brew. With no time to get more, I replaced the balance with Maris Otter. Lesson learned.

Brewers – Charlie, Alan, Dickie

Grain Bill

  • 8# Pilsner malt
  • 4# Maris Otter malt
  • 4# Munich malt
  • 4# Vienna malt
  • 2# Caramunich malt
  • 1# Pale Chocolate malt
  • 1# Biscuit malt

Hop Bill

  • 5 ounces German Hallertau 4.1 alpha


  • Wyeast 1007 German Ale

Mash Schedule


  • 8:15 cinnamon rolls
  • Strike Temp 162˚ F – 7 gallon
  • Mash In 9:25 am
  • Mash Temp 152˚ F
  • 10:50 vorlauf
  • 10:55 begin run off 1- added 1 gallon as space opened in cooler. Yield 5.5 gallons wort.
  • 11:10 add 5.5 gallon to mash @ 170˚ – stir
  • 11:30 vorlauf
  • 11:35 begin run off 2. Yield 5 gallons
  • 11:45 add 5 gallon to mash @ 170˚
  • 11:55 vorlauf
  • 12:00 begin run off 3 – yield 5 gallons for total 15.5 gallons wort



  • Pre boil gravity – 11.4 Brix = 1.046  – predicted 1.041
  • 12:30 achieve boil
  • add 5 oz. German Hallertau 4.1 alpha
  • 1:00 switched to smaller burner for more controlled, gentle boil
  • 6 tablets Irish Moss
  • Boil end 1:45. Post boil volume 12.5 gallons
  • Cold break.

Original Gravity – 13 Brix = 1.053 – hydrometer reading 1.05 – predicted 1.049

4 pm – pitch yeast

Sample tasted very good. No bitterness detected. No off flavors. Not much after taste that I usually detect. This one could taste a bit “roasted”. Probably due to the excessively hot boil. We could not dial down Rob’s burner so we switched to the smaller burner.

6 pm – gentle bubble

8 am – very strong steady bubble

Room is holding at the high end of the yeast temperature range. Wish I could get it cooler. Will work on it.

Sunday afternoon – Looking at the tank now, I notice that the bottom third is wort and the next third looks as if it is all “foam”. Good thing this was not a 20 gallon batch. Might have had a Roggenbier eruption.



Sat. August 9, 2014 7:30 pm – Racked to secondary tank. Approx. 11 gallons


Loving the color.

Batch Sparge Notes:

Batch sparging seemed to go fairly well. We will see what the results are come Oktoberfest. BeerSmith software said to split the sparge into 3 segments. That would have used about 3.6 gallons water for each. I believe that would not work very well with 24 pounds of grain. Decided to do 2 at about 5 gallons each. The initial mash yielded 5.5 gallons after adding 1 additional gallon as the run off opened space in the cooler.


I bought a refractometer thinking it would help us to be a able to check gravity as the mash, run off, and boil proceeds. Seems to work very well. Do not have to cool a big sample to use the hydrometer.




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