Kyle’s Kölsch

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The set up at Kyle's

The set up at Kyle’s

At Dickie’s Pale Ale brew, Kyle and I discussed a Kölsch, a top fermented, German ale with mild hop character. The grain bill was pretty much straight Pilsner malt with a little Munich and/or Vienna thrown in. We went with the Spalt hops as it seemed appropriate for the style and to try something besides Hallertau in the German beers. A single infusion mash at about 150 F should give us a dry German ale.

We had a great day for brewing with a lot of firsts. First time we’ve done a Kölsch. We went mobil for the first time and brewed at Kyle’s. We couldn’t find leaf Spalt hops so tried the pellet.  At the end of the day, all went successfully.

20 gallons- Single Infusion Mash

Brewers- Kyle L, Charlie U, Mike C, Andy D, Tom V

Grain Bill-

  • 35# Pilsner malt
  • 2# Munich malt
  • 1# Vienna malt

Hop Bill-

  • 8 oz 3.2% Spalt pellet hops


  • Wyeast 2565 Kölsch Ale

Mash Schedule-

  • 10 gallons of mash water
  • Strike Temp = 168 F
  • Mash Temp = 148 F; added a couple of gallons of hot water to bring temp to 153 F and held for 2 hours
  • Added 5 gallons of 190 F water to raise temp to 170 F. First official mash out with the big equipment!


  • 10′ recirculation
  • 15′ runoff
  • 60′ sparge with 15 gallons of water treated with a teaspoon of phosphoric acid
  • Collected 24 gallons of wort (used a total of 32 gallons of water and nailed the 24 gallons for pre boil)


  • 60′ boil add all Spalt hops
  • 15′ Irish moss and cooling coil
  • 1 hour cold break
  • Collected about 20 gallons to fermenter
  • Starting Gravity = 1.051
Mike and Charles handle the racking from up top

Mike and Charles handle the racking from up top

A beautiful day for brewing! Everything went well. We hit all our marks. Quite pleased with the starting gravity. The sample was good but I noted a hint of cardboard flavor I wasn’t crazy about that we’ll monitor as we go forward. First time with a solid Mash Out. Still need to go a little hotter with the strike water as we never seem to come in hot enough. Overall a great brew day.

First time joining us were Andy and Mike. Awesome guys and helpful to the cause. Need more like them.

Dickie missed his first brew in over a year and broke his iron man streak due to family emergency.

Charles from the basement window

Charles from the basement window

Michelle and Kyle provided well for the brewers and the hospitality was greatly appreciated.

Kyle reports a bubble in the airlock on Sunday, so he didn’t kill the yeast after all.


Friday, May 9. This is a quick turn beer. We’re trying to get it ready for the Crawfish Boil, one month after brewing. We kegged 10 gallons of the beer for the party and racked the other 10.

Final Gravity = 1.012

ABV = 5%

The sample was good, still a little on the hoppy, green side, but it looks like it will mature into a nice beer.

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