Irish Red Rye- Half Barrel

February 1, 2014

Brewers- Dickie and Tom

Grain Bill-

  • 21# Maris Otter
  • 3# Pale Malt
  • 2# Rye
  • 1.5# 60L Crystal
  • 0.5# Roasted

Hop Bill-

  • 4 oz. East Kent Goldings 60′


  • Wyeast Irish Ale (reconstituted from the Triple Stout)

Mash Schedule-

  • Strike temp- 165F
  • Mash temp- 152F hold 2 hours (added couple gallons of hot water to raise temp 90 minutes in)
  • No mash out, but sparged with 10 gallons of hot water


  • Only had 17 or so gallons of wort
  • 15′ boil and added 4 oz of East Kent Goldings for 60′
  • 1 hour (or longer) cold break

Starting gravity 1.052  Perfect! Sample was tasty and aromatic.

Filled 3 primary fermenters with about 5+ gallons each. Had a strong bubble in all three before the night was over.

An incredibly smooth and easy going brew session for just 2 people running a half barrel batch. It was a cold, raining, wet, muddy mess all day with ice and freezing temps late, but this beer looks like another winner to this point.


Racked 1 week after brewing. Gravity = 1.020. Too high, but there’s still a gentle bubble in the airlock, and the stout came down several points during secondary. The sample is excellent. It’s ready to drink and delicious.

Kegged 10 gallons-

March 1. Gravity = 1.014. Sample was nice and spot on. Good color, good flavor. We’ll tap one of these for St. Pat’s and save one for the Boil. Very pleased with final gravity. ABV should be right at 5%. Dickie has the other 5 gallons and he’ll bottle that.

March 7, Dickie writes-

  • The Irish Red Rye is bottled. My first time bottling solo so I am absolutely sure something is jacked up. I will say the aroma when I started racking to the bottling bucket was pretty fricking awesome. The beer was really Really clear as well. 
  • The final gravity came in @ 1.010.  However this is a brand new hydrometer so I do not know how accurate it is. I am sure there is a test method to verify it’s accuracy but I haven’t looked it up yet. 
  • Tom’s IRR came in at 1.014 when he kegged so maybe the extra week of fermentation explains the difference in final gravity.
  • I am not sure of the flavor of the sample. It doesn’t seem off or bad. I just thought there would be more flavor. Again this is un-carbonated so that might be what is throwing things off for me. 
Tapped the Irish Red Rye on St. Pat’s Saturday while we brewed Dickie’s EPA and we’ve continued to enjoy it throughout the month of March. Charlie commented that it’s the best Irish Red he’s had and that’s hard to argue. Mouthfeel is great, flavors are spot on with nothing off, nothing lingering. My only criticism is that keg is a little on the warm side sitting at 60F, so there’s a bit of an alcohol warmth that I’m noticing. But I think it would disappear if the beer were served 10 degrees colder. I think it will be great at Kyle’s party. What a fantastic beer.

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