Strike Temp

General rule of thumb is strike temp is about 8-10 degrees F higher than desired mash temp. This, of course, depends on volume of liquor versus grains and temperature of grains to start.

For the UK ales using 2 row malts in a single infusion mash-

  • Lighter bodied beers (i.e. pale ale), strike at about 160 F for a 150 F mash temp
  • Heavier bodied beers (i.e. Scotch ales), strike at about 168 F for a 158 F mash temp

For beers using 6 row malts needing a protein rest at 122 F-

  • Strike in about 130 F

For German beers using decoction mashing-

  • Strike in at 108 F for a mash temp of 100 F
  • Raise immediately to 122 F

Here’s the complicated formula:

Ts = [Td + WEF * (Td – Tg) / MWR] + FF

Ts = Strike Temp (F or C)
Td = Desired Mash Temp after Strike
WEF= “Water Equivalent Factor”, 0.192 while in quarts
Tg= Temperature of grain (room temp)
FF= “Fudge Factor” to account for thermal mass of vessel (3 degrees for F)
MWR = mass water ratio, quarts/lb

Ex) [155 + .192 (155 – 70) / 1.3] =167 F

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